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About The Demifay

This is a story about a little girl called Nora who sees a wisp of light acting very strangely. Her Auntie Rosie introduces her to the Demifay. These colourful characters are both playful and talkative.
Nora learns all about them and prisms and The Sunbeam Path. Nora also meets one of their faerie cousins and is invited to visit fairyland through The Dolmen Arch (Book II).


Author Marion Rose

Marion Rose

Marion Rose McFadden is a Donegal Artist inspired by Celtic heritage and Mythology.
This is her first foray into childrens literature.
She lives on the Wild Atlantic Way on the North-West coast and sees magic everywhere.

Marion has a passion for coding and technology, and is developing this website with free educational resources to enchant and make learning fun.
She has recently set up UsIrish, which facilitates creating personalized gifts, and will include digital artwork and stories with the Demifay.

M Murray

Illustrator Michael Murray

Michael is an acomplished digital artist, sculptor and painter.
He lives in Belfast and this was his first childrens book, further examples of his work are available on the UsIrish App,
(The app is free for both android and iphone/ ipad platforms)


Interactive Media Production

Gordee McBride is an expert in developing this Digital technology, and primarily responsible for the animated and interactive aspects, which bring this delightful digital fairytale to life. He can be contacted through:
Lipsay Productions