About The Demifay

Auntie Rosie introduces Nora to the Demifay. These faerie characters are related to The Sídhe (authentic Irish faerie characters).
Nora learns all about them in The Sunbeam Path. When Nora meets one of these faerie cousins she is invited to visit Tír na nÓg (fairyland) through The Dolmen Arch -Book II.
This story continues when Nora's brother, Jim sneaks out to follow her and we follow the mayhem that ensues.

About the Author

Marion Rose McFadden is a Donegal artist inspired by Celtic heritage and Irish mythology.
She is currently developing a children's series based on these Demifay characters. Learn more about Marion Rose and her artwork at www.mmcfadden.com

About the illustrator

Michael Murray is an accomplished digital artist, sculptor and painter.
He lives in Belfast and The Sunbeam Path was his first children's book.
He has also finished illustrations for the sequel The Dolmen Arch.

Interactive Media Production

Gordee McBride is expert in developing digital technology, and designed many of the animated and interactive aspects, which brought this story to life. Offering a special thank you to all those in DMC (Digital Media Choices) that helped!